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Board of Directors

  • Headshot of William H Rogers Jr.

    William H. Rogers Jr.

    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

  • Headshot of Jennifer S Banner

    Jennifer S. Banner

    Executive Director at the University of Tennessee Haslam College of Business, Forum for Emerging Enterprises and Private Business

  • Headshot of K David Boyer Jr.

    K. David Boyer Jr.

    Chief Executive Officer, GlobalWatch Technologies Inc.

  • Headshot of Agnes Bundy Scanlan

    Agnes Bundy Scanlan

    President of The Cambridge Group LLC

  • Headshot of Dallas S Clement

    Dallas S. Clement

    President and Chief Financial Officer, Cox Enterprises

  • headshot of Patrick C Garney III

    Patrick C. Graney III

    President, PCG, Inc.

  • Headshot of Linnie M Haynesworth

    Linnie M. Haynesworth

    Retired Sector Vice President and General Manager, Northrop Grumman Corporation

  • Headshot of Donna S Morea

    Donna S. Morea

    Chief Executive Officer, Adesso Group, LLC

  • Headshot of Charles A Patton

    Charles A. Patton

    Manager, Patton Holdings, LLC

  • Headshot of Thomas E Skains

    Thomas E. Skains

    Retired CEO, Piedmont Natural Gas Company Inc.

  • Headshot of Laurence Stein

    Laurence Stein

    Retired Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Asset & Wealth Management, Goldman Sachs

  • Headshot of Bruce L Tanner

    Bruce L. Tanner

    Retired Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Lockheed Martin Corporation

  • Headshot of Steven C Voorhees

    Steven C. Voorhees

    Retired President and CEO, WestRock