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Board committee members and chairs: 

Director Audit Committee Compensation and Human Capital Committee Executive Committee Nominating and Governance Committee Risk Committee Technology Committee
Kelly S. King1     M   M  
William H. Rogers, Jr.1     M   M  
Jennifer S. Banner   C M     M
K. David Boyer M         M
Agnes Bundy Scanlan       M M  
Anna R. Cablik   M     M  
Dallas S. Clement C M M      
Paul D. Donahue   M   M    
Paul R. Garcia M         M
Patrick C. Graney III M M        
Linnie M. Haynesworth           M
Easter A. Maynard M M   M    
Donna S. Morea     M   M C
Charles A. Patton     M   C  
Nido R. Qubein           M
David M. Ratcliffe2     M C M  
Frank P. Scruggs, Jr.   M     M  
Christine Sears M         M
Thomas E. Skains     C M M  
Bruce L. Tanner M         M
Thomas N. Thompson       M M  
Steven C. Voorhees M M        

Legend: C = Chair, M = Member
1 Denotes management director
2 Denotes lead director